Alpine Strawberries As Ground Cover

Alpine Strawberries As Ground Cover. Once they’re in situ, you just need to check over the bed every so often for any that look diseased and remove them. Keep weeds down for best growth.

Alpine Strawberry Ground Cover Leaf, Root & Fruit Gardening Services
Alpine Strawberry Ground Cover Leaf, Root & Fruit Gardening Services from

Photograph by dorin mocan via flickr. Wild alpine strawberry plant organic trailing woodland. Alpine strawberries make excellent ground cover.

Gardengal48 (Pnw Z8/9) Last Year Neither Fragaria Vesca (Wild Strawberry) Or Fragaria Chiloensis (Beach Strawberry) Make Very Efficient Groundcovers, Although They Are Often Sold For That Purpose.

The plants also do well in pots and planters. Keep weeds down for best growth. Water them very lightly so the seeds don’t get washed away.

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These eleven plants are ideal ground covers to foodscape gardens, keeping the rest of your plants healthy and happy and providing you with produce in the process. Plant your alpine strawberry plants in rich, well drained soil that doesn’t dry out easily. Alpine strawberries produce their best fruit in rich soil that is also well draining.

If You Can Situate Them In A Sunny Place They’ll Produce More Berries.

Our weedy namesake is, i suspect, an escaped ornamental ground cover, as it looks great trailing.