Are Marigolds Safe For Cats

Are Marigolds Safe For Cats. Some websites list marigolds as toxic to cats, while others list them as safe for cats to ingest. Marigolds (tagetes spp.) — marigolds are cute little orange or yellow flowers that are said to repel everything from dogs and cats to deer and rabbits.

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Find out the symptoms of your cat. Check the latin name if you’re not sure if a flower is calendula or a marigold. If the plant’s latin name is tagetes, then it’s best to leave them out of the garden.

Marigolds (Tagetes Spp.) — Marigolds Are Cute Little Orange Or Yellow Flowers That Are Said To Repel Everything From Dogs And Cats To Deer And Rabbits.

Marigolds are classified into two types: But it doesn’t appear to. French marigolds are toxic and will cause a mild form of gastric upset if consumed by either a cat or a.

For Example, The Cat Fanciers' Association Lists Marigolds As Poisonous, While The.

Tagetes marigold, on the other hand is toxic. But it doesn’t appear to. Are marigolds poisonous to dogs.

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