Care Of Tree Peony

Care Of Tree Peony. Your tree peony prefers to be planted and left in one location for generations, so it is worth taking the time to do it right. Care for peonies involves winter mulching in colder zones where no snowfall blankets the ground and insulates the peony bulbs.

Luoyang Red 洛阳红 Luo Yang Hong Chinese tree peony. This
Luoyang Red 洛阳红 Luo Yang Hong Chinese tree peony. This from

Prune out dead stems in late winter. Peony pruning this type of peony needs to be pruned every spring. Your plant will reward you generously!

Feeding And Mulching Well Just As The Plants Come Into Growth In Spring Is Beneficial.

Water the new plant, but don’t overwater (the soil should be damp not soaking). As with most plants, you can give your tree peony a head start by digging a fairly large hole and filling it with a mix of compost and topsoil along with the garden soil. The soil needs to be rich with organic matter, neutral to slightly acidic, and be able to drain well so there’ll be no standing water around the roots.

Start By Digging A Hole 2 Feet Deep.

New tree peony plants should be planted 5 feet apart on center, and approximately 2.5 feet from any edge. Adding a little bone meal into the mix will make your peonies really happy. Prune out dead stems in late winter.

However, Peony Flowers And Plants May Be Infected By Fungal Diseases Such As Botrytis Blight And Leaf Blotch.

Flowering mid spring to early summer.