Do Deer Eat Iris

Do Deer Eat Iris. They also like to eat the flower part of the iris, so. Here is a list of bulbs you can plant now that these fiends won't destroy.

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As these as these animals cannot read, and don’t know any better, sometimes. Do deer and rabbits eat iris? Deer are selective feeders and creatures of habit.

Would You Want To Eat Something Prickly?

All species of iris are deer resistant. Deer have a keen sense of smell that allows them to smell human scent farther than bloodhounds can. All iris apparently taste terrible.

Not Surprisingly, Deer Tend To Stay Away From Poisonous Plants.

It’s important to understand that deer will eat basically any plant if they’re hungry. Now if only i can convince the gophers irises aren't palatable! Allium ( allium sp.) crinum ( crinum sp.)

What Is Eating My Iris Buds?

You can spot deer damage because their eating tends to look jagged.