Elaeagnus Pungens Gilt Edge

Elaeagnus Pungens Gilt Edge. Pungens as one of its parents and introduced in 1929. Gilt edge is a beautiful variety of this evergreen silverthorn.

Gilt Edge (Elaeagnus X ebbingei) Life is a Garden
Gilt Edge (Elaeagnus X ebbingei) Life is a Garden from www.lifeisagarden.co.za

1 gallon bagged root ball | $ 26 now shipping for spring. A combination of the very ornamental variegated cultivar gilt edge, together with the closely related e. It is drought, deer, salt spray, and wind tolerant.

Use As A Screen Or A Hedge.

Why not mix your elaeagnus × ebbingei 'gilt edge' with some of our other. Inconspicuous silvery flowers, with an intense fragrance, appear in october, followed by red fruit. Buy elaeagnus ‘gilt edge’ from thompson & morgan

This Is A Garden Hybrid, With E.

X ebbingei flowers and fruits most freely on the current year's growth, though it does also produce short fruiting spurs on old wood. Related plants oleaster elaeagnus spp. Apart from the foliage this plant is also interesting for its almost invisible flowers.

Be Aware That The Leaves Of E.

In autumn it can produce small and fragrant silvery flowers that can develop into orange berries.