Flowers For Honey Bees

Flowers For Honey Bees. Both the flowers and leaves are edible. Wallflower, erysimum cheiri, mixed flowers honeybees love the easily accessible blooms of wallflowers.

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Benefit for flowers bees travel from flower to flowe r collecting pollen and nectar. 20 of the best flowers for bees 1. The flowers are pale pink or pale violet, fragrant, clustered in semiumbels at the tips of stems and lateral branches.

They Are Highly Resistant To Diseases And Pests Like Mealybugs Or Aphids.

Their flowers come in pink, white, blue, maroon, and lavender. Also, spotted bee balm with pale yellow petals spotted with purple, with showy pink bracts. Maple trees such as silver maple bloom as early as february.

Blossoms Are Most Often Blue But Also Come In White And Pink.

1 to 3 feet tall zones: Bee bee trees are a major source of nectar for honey bees and will flower through september. Butterfly weed (asclepias tuberosa) 5.

Fewer Natural Sources Are Available During Times Of Drought When Rainfall Is At A Minimum.

Aster flowers are very ornamental and come in a variety of species and bloom from august through to october.