House Plant Flat Round Leaves

House Plant Flat Round Leaves. That cool plant is peperomia. Pictures of the cactus leaves show small spines growing on the “leaf” margins.

26 Best Houseplant Round Leaves garden plants
26 Best Houseplant Round Leaves garden plants from

Click here to add your own comments. First, the showy cactus blossoms are yellow to bright orange. The cactus plant can grow up to 30 ft.

Pictures Of The Cactus Leaves Show Small Spines Growing On The “Leaf” Margins.

Calathea orbifolia is not as popular as the houseplants above, but it surely deserves to be in this list of tall indoor plants with big leaves. The blade, the most obvious part, is the flat leaf portion. See our ivy collections here.

And If They Really Need A Deep Cleaning, Mix Vinegar With Water To Remove Heavy Buildup.

There are lots to choose from, and they grow well in bright light (not full sun) and need a bit more water than most succulents. There are many varieties of dieffenbachia, most of which are ideal for growing indoors where there is little light, such as bedrooms. This will remove most surface dust easily.

Long Cultivated In China, This Plant Was Brought To Europe By A Norwegian Missionary In The 1940S.

The stipule, which looks like a leaf, lies at the bottom of the petiole where it attaches to the stem.