How To Naturalize Bulbs

How To Naturalize Bulbs. Plant whatever you pick up and enjoy what grows! Scatter the bulbs outline the boundaries of the planting area with a garden hose, a rope, or some ground limestone.

40 years of seed drift and bulb growth, naturalizing
40 years of seed drift and bulb growth, naturalizing from

These remove a core of earth so you can insert. Randomly scatter bulbs and plant where they fall, to create a natural look. Pull them out at random and plant them willy nilly to get a natural spread.

Randomly Scatter Bulbs And Plant Where They Fall, To Create A Natural Look.

The hardest thing about naturalizing bulbs is keeping it random. Then, literally scatter your bulbs within the border of this space and dig holes where they land. The hole should be three times as deep as the height of the bulb.

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Take all the bulbs you have purchased and mix them together in a bin. Or set your blades high enough that they avoid the bulb leaves. Mow the grass just before planting so.

One Person Drills The Hole, The Other Drops In The Bulb.

Although the bulbs, at least, may provide some nectar and pollen.