How To Support Tomato Plants

How To Support Tomato Plants. Then, tie thinner pieces of rope (one for each tomato plant) to the thick rope at 2 or 3 foot intervals, and let them hang down. Fasten these to the cage for extra stability.

Stake A Cage The Ultimate DIY Tomato Support
Stake A Cage The Ultimate DIY Tomato Support from

How to support tomato plants in pots method 1 method 1 of 4: 38 tomato support ideas for high yielding tomato plants different types of tomato support. Creating a supportive foundation download article.

Tomato Cages Or Fully Surrounding Supports.

Center the wire grid on the stake, leaving 14″ at the bottom of the stake open. Place a stake in the ground next to each plant or next to every other plant, about 3 or 4 inches away from the stems. Simply drive in a wood or metal stake behind the plant.

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As a plant grows, wind the stems through the rungs of the ladder, attaching them with a tie if needed. If you already have a fence structure in your garden, you can use. It create a strong support that can hold a wide portion of the plant.

We Use 5′ High Panels For Our Large Plants,.

5 ways of supporting your tomato plants 1) stake them.