Leaves On A Caddo Maple Tree

Leaves On A Caddo Maple Tree. ‘caddo’ maples, native to southwestern oklahoma, are The thick, waxy, dark green leaves have deeper sinuses than other sugars giving an almost lacy effect.

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This ecotype of sugar maple was discovered in southwest oklahoma where hot, dry summers are common. Very disease and insect resistant. Easy to grow tree in almost any soil including rocky alkaline soils, as long as the drainage is good.

John Pair, In Caddo County, Ok, It Will Make A Big Impact In The Difficult Climes Of The Plains And Southern States.

Ornamental features caddo sugar maple has rich green deciduous foliage on a tree with an oval habit of growth. The lobed leaves turn outstanding shades of yellow, orange and red in the fall. John pair selected this maple for its exceptional heat tolerance and stunning, evenly red fall color.

Another Interesting Characteristic Of Caddo Maples Is That They Tend To Retain Their Leaves In The Winter And Therefore Have Been Suggested As Screens Or For Use In Windbreaks.

Most caddo maples grow to around 30 ft tall. Caddo maple is a drought tolerant plant, grows in. This tree is also quite popular due to its ornamental value, and attractive, colorful leaves.

The Thick, Waxy, Dark Green Leaves Have Deeper Sinuses Than Other Sugars Giving An Almost Lacy Effect.

Its dark green leaves are thicker than most other maples which reduces scorching in heat and tattering in the wind.