Ornamental Birdhouse Gourd Vine

Ornamental Birdhouse Gourd Vine. Overview of steps to make a gourd birdhouse grow gourds grow on long vines similar to pumpkins and squash. Ensure to get rid of damaged or immature fruit, as they are undesirable.

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Start by harvesting your gourds when the stems start to turn brown and leaves on the vine are dead. Flowers of the birdhouse gourd vine are similar in color and shape of moonflowers, but only about 1/3 the size. Start ornamental gourds indoors from seed or outdoors as small plants in the early spring after the last frost.

Outside, Ornamental Gourds Do Best In Temperatures Between 75 And 85 Degrees Fahrenheit.

This ornamental striped green variety looks like a misshapen watermelon, and is perfect for crafts or even jewelry. They produce beautiful white blossoms. Plant gourds in a similar fashion to squash and pumpkins:

Ensure To Get Rid Of Damaged Or Immature Fruit, As They Are Undesirable.

Gourd vines spread up to 100 feet, so use a trellis or fence if you can. Your options include bottle and birdhouse gourds, along with several others. Plant three or four seedlings in hills six to eight feet apart;

Make Sure To Give Each Plant Plenty Of Space, As Most Gourd Varieties.

The skin is green with lighter green speckles or soft stripes but turns caramel brown as it dries.