Plants With Round Shaped Leaves

Plants With Round Shaped Leaves. Bergenias make excellent ground cover plants, especially in a partially shaded spot. Here's a roundup up the 18 best foliage plants to intersperse among your blooms.

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The wax plant (hoya carnosa) the wax plant has its origin in eastern asia and australia and is commonly called porcelain flower. Information about the european alder Leaves can be lobed or not lobed.

The Leaf Margin Is Double Serrated.

The leaf has no peak. 01 of 18 caladiums the spruce / adrienne legault caladiums, also called angel wings, look. 21 plants with waxy leaves 1.

Leaves Can Be Lobed Or Not Lobed.

It is about 62 inches high and its foliage is. Plants with waxy leaves 1. Japanese maple leaves have deeply cut lobes while round nasturtium leaves do not have any lobes at all.

Next, Focus On Leaf Lobes.

Pinstripe plant (calathea ornata)—big leaf indoor plant with oblong tropical green leaves with white pinstripe patterns.