Pots For Planting Bearded Irisis

Pots For Planting Bearded Irisis. Bearded iris can be planted in autumn or spring. How to plant potted irises.

Bearded Iris grow in small containers for a beautiful
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Choose healthy plants with buds if you are familiar with how irises grow, they are grown from rizomes, or root balls. Although it was too early in the spring to find plants with many flowers, there were a few. If purchased as a bare rhizome, soak the rhizome in water for a few minutes before planting.

Choose Healthy Plants With Buds If You Are Familiar With How Irises Grow, They Are Grown From Rizomes, Or Root Balls.

When planting, space multiple rhizomes about 6 inches apart, placing them horizontally in the soil and spreading the roots. Plant your bulbs before the first frost! They may tolerate some shade, but if the area you plant them in is too shady, the irises won't bloom as well as they would otherwise.

This Will Help To Reduce The Likelihood Of Other Common Issues, Such As Root Rot.

Plant the bulbs at 7cm (3in) apart and 7cm (3in) deep. A major departure for growing irises compared to other perennials is that they do not like mulch. Mulches (as well as deep planting) encourage the rhizomes to develop rot, so let your soil remain bare.

If You’ve Bought Potted Plants, Make Sure They’re Planted At The Same Depth As They Were In The Pot.

Cover with about 1/2 inch of soil, allowing the top of the rhizomes to.