Pruning Nellie Stevens Holly

Pruning Nellie Stevens Holly. Pruning mature plants mature plants are those that are 10 years old or older. Remove wayward branches or branches that cross.

Nellie Stevens Holly
Nellie Stevens Holly from

Let them grow for at least a year before cutting. This variety of holly i. Wear long sleeves and pants to prevent scratches from the pointy leaves.

Trim The Plant In Winter And Use The Trimmings As Holiday Decorations.

This variety of holly i. Allow me to demonstrate how i prune this nelly stevens holly. Nellie stevens holly, ~30 ft age ~40 yrs noted problem when pruning yesterday underside and top of leaves, mostly in the shaded portion of the the foliage.

Remove Wayward Branches Or Branches That Cross.

Thin 10 to 15 percent of all the branches,. Dead or diseased branches should also be pruned throughout the year. If you feel the holly is having a hard time.

Remove Broken, Crooked Stems And Trim The Ends Of The Stems To Promote Bushier Growth.

Stevens holly grows in a broad, pyramidal shape.