Showbox Apk 2020 (Latest Version Download)

Showbox apk 2020 :Now days, ShowBox apk is the most popular and best mobile application for watching your favorite movies, TV dramas and much more for free. The best advantage of this Apk is that its totally free of ads and you can watch your favorite  TV serials without any registration ,without any credit card. In latest version of ShowBox Apk 2020 you can also enjoy your favorite songs ,news and one more thing in this version is that you can save your favorites live Tv streaming  for later use.As we already discussed about showbox apk 2019 that this apk is most downloaded apk in 2019 as entertainment apk. Just download the ShowBox application and enjoy your favorite movies.

ShowBox application is not full fill the criteria of Play Store due to which it is not available on Play Store but available on independent sources like You can easily download ShowBox from this site by clicking the button below

Features of ShowBox apk Latest version 2020

showbox apk 2020

  1. ShowBox apk file is small and easy to install on all Android devices.
  2. The latest version of ShowBox also has a music streaming features, download your favorite music according to your mood. In addition to movies, TV dramas and TV series you can also have access to music .
  3. ShowBox latest version sort movies TV series and TV dramas according to the user feedback and rating.
  4. You can also download the latest version of movies and TV series and if you don’t have internet connection you can watch on your favorable time.
  5. ShowBox don’t have any hidden payment, and credit Card requirements this application is totally free.
  6. This apk don’t want your personal details.
  7. ShowBox don’t need registration to watch your favorite movies and every time you enter you need username and password.
  8. In  latest version movies can watch using the external player “VLC or MX player” of your choice.
  9. ShowBox sort movies according to categories (Action, Comedy and Romantic), so whatever movie you want you just search it.

ShowBox Apk 2020 latest version Specification

Features                                                                      Specification
File type                                                                       .Apk
File size                                                                         37.50MB
Required version                                                      Android 4.0 or above
Download time                                                         less than 20 sec
Video Quality                                                            720 pixels, HD
Last updated                                                               2020
Version                                                                         5.35 version
Features                                                                       Unlimited free movies, TV series.


Downloading process ShowBox  Apk 2020 Latest version

If you want to download ShowBox 2020 latest version on you android phones, Tablets and other android devices then you must follow these steps:

  1.  Download latest version of ShowBox apk by clicking the button below.
  2.     Note: Always download the latest version of ShowBox
  3.  Just go to the android phone setting and allow the “Un known Source” because without enable this you can’t download ShowBox apk.
  4.     To allow the “Unknown Source” all you have to go to your“Setting”-> just click on the “Security”-> and allow “Unknown source”.

showbox allowingshowbox apk



5.  Now in your mobile or Tab  go to your download and search for ShowBox apk file and click on it.

6. Just wait for a few minutes that ShowBox download it all files.

7. Once the downloading is finished then you have an icon on your home screen named “ShowBox”

8. Click on that application now you have unlimited access to movies, TV series, TV dramas and music.

What to do when ShowBox latest version is not working properly?

If you download the ShowBox latest version then it doesn’t give any error or any problem, but still it gives issue the follow these steps:

Just go to phone setting -> go to your ShowBox setting -> click on the “Storage Option” and clear application data & cache. Then you have to Restart ShowBox.

Why to use ShowBox apk 2020?

  • This application have unlimited access to free movies, TV series,Dramas and music.
  • ShowBox 2020 is completely free of cost, this application don’t have any hidden payment method.
  • ShowBox 2020 not only allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV series but also allows you to download it and watch on you frees time.
  • If new version of ShowBox is available then it updated itself. You don’t need to update manually.


ShowBox 2020 latest version for android  

Android is one of the best and most popular platforms which give you unlimited download of applications of TV series and movies but after downloading some of the applications they want to take per month charges for watching movies or TV series but ShowBox is one of the best applications for watching movies and TV series free of cost. Just click on the button and download the latest version of ShowBox for android.

If you are going to download the ShowBox 2020 for android then you have to Setting”-> just click on the “Security”-> and allow “Unknown source”.

ShowBox  Apk 2020 latest version for PC

This latest version is also available for PC/ laptops, watching movies on Television or big screen is just lit. ShowBox latest version  provides you to watch movies on PC and access unlimited movies and TV shows. This application for PC is also free of cost just downloads the application and enjoys movies on big screen. ShowBox for PC is not available on Play Store but available on independent source, you have to just download the emulator for your PC/ laptop and download the latest version of ShowBox from this site and enjoy unlimited access to movies, TV shows and TV series.

ShowBox Apk  2020 latest version for IPhone / I Pad

IPhones/ I Pad are the most trending platform now days; However ShowBox latest version 2020 is not available for IPhones/ I Pad, as ShowBox is an android platform and you don’t use android devices on IPhones but there is an application known as “Movie Box” which is similar to the ShowBox. MovieBox is for iPhones and iPads. If you want to download the latest version just click on the below button and install the latest version.

ShowBox Apk 2020 latest version for Chromecast

Yes, ShowBox technically offer you to use ShowBox 2020 to download and use with emulator. ShowBox is technically an android base application and not available on Play Store but it doesn’t mean that you don’t download it; you can download the latest version for chromecast by clicking the button below.


To install this application all you have to go to your settings and allow “Un known Source” then you have to go to your downloads and look for ShowBox apk file and click on it, wait for few minutes to install it on your phone now on your home page you have an icon of ShowBox click on it and enjoy unlimited movies, TV series and TV shows.


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