Showbox Chromecast

Showbox Apk on TV Through CHROMECAST

Today we will discuss new fetaure of this apk which is Showbox Chromecast. As we already know  Showbox APK is the most amazing and worthwhile app of present day. It gives access to countless amazing features that you can stream in spare time with no interruption of ads. It is basically an android-app that essentially offers significantly larger amount of features than ordinarily offered by other apps. It’s not 100% legal yet 100% safe to use, you can easily enjoy its remarkable features without any registration.

It offers multiple videos in different languages in HD as well as SD video quality. It’s an unquestionably FREE application through which you can have access to millions of latest TV shows, songs, series, movies and many similar items. You can also watch any video or channel LIVE. Showbox APK is highly appreciated and valued among users globally. Showbox also works as a emulator. You can connect the Showbox APK to your large TV screen or LCDs through a portable device called CHROMECAST.

showbox chromecast


The Importance of CHROMECAST:

There was a time when we had to connect our TV to any other appliance by the use of a wire, or cable cord. This way used to be a simple technique to watch our favorite content clearly on big screens. The major complication in enjoying your favorite content was its unavailability on a larger screen. In order to watch the desired content in high quality, people used to pay in cinemas to watch in a big cinematic screen. But now, we have the Chromecast device designed to fulfill our desires conveniently within short time-period. In a TV set, this can effortlessly plug into HDMI ports. By connecting to the Chromecast, you can share your delightful moments with a large number of people, you can enjoy watching with whole family or a group of friends free of cost and make beautiful memories altogether.

Although, the showbox APK is currently obtainable on Windows, Android, and iOS. It is also associated with several websites but now it is available for Television sets as well with the help of a Chromecast device. The Chromecast is developed by Google. You can stream the content easily from a device to the large TV screen as it supports high-definition TV and LCDs clear vision. By the use of this portable dongle, you can suitably stream the HD and SD both quality videos from PC or Android device to play the content on TV. You can also use your voice to run chromecast, it is a user friendly gadget.

Connection Of Mobile Device to the CHROMECAST Device 

In order to play and stream the videos from Showbox APK to Television screen through Chromecast, firstly, you need to connect your device to the Chromecast. For this purpose, if your already existing applications contain MX player, uninstall it. Furthermore, go to SECURITY and turn on the UNKNOWN SOURCES. This is the first step to begin easy video streaming on big screens.

Method to cast the content of showbox Apk easily on Chromecast 

Unluckily the cast protocol is not officially available in Showbox APK hence one cannot cast the videos directly from Showbox. The Showbox APK doesn’t primarily have a feature of Chromecast. But it’s not a big deal as you can easily deal with this situation. The solution of this disruption is to install another application named LOCALCAST on your Chromecast device. It is the best and authentic app to download along with the Showbox APK. This procedure of casting the videos would be reliable and user friendly. It will make it convenient to enjoy videos on large digital TV screens. The basic steps to cast the Chromecast on TV are as follows:

  • First of all, go to SETTINGS in your android phone. Scroll to the bottom, tap on APPS AND NOTIFICATIONS
  • Install any latest version of SHOWBOX APK (the most updated versions are Showbox apk 5.34 and Showbox apk 5.35) through its official website
  • The application will be installed in your device

NOW for proceeding the installation

  • After downloading the app, install LOCALCAST on your Chromecast (through the Google Play-Store)
  • Now the “vertical dots” will appear on your mobile screen, TAP on them
  • Choose the option of OTHER PLAYER
  • Tap on the option of CLOSE


Come to the Showbox “Main Menu” and select any movie or show, click on the option WATCH NOW and watch countless multimedia content. The video will take only 30 seconds to play. This is how the SHOWBOX APK has made it easier for the music and movie loving people to enjoy their preferable content with zero monthly subscription fees.



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